Comments Policy

Anyone can leave a comment – named or anonymous, though I prefer named.

Comments are no longer moderated before publication, but will be deleted if they:
  • Mention politics or economics outside of the context of the post.
  • Try to sneak in political criticisms or gossip – good or bad (don't bother, I'm not interested).
  • Are potentially libellous.
  • Mention the Welsh language in any way, shape or form that isn't related to a post.
  • Are racist, sexist, homophobic, pornographic, spam etc.
  • Are an attempt to create "guilt by association"/"poison the well".
  • Are deliberately offensive to me or anyone else.

Obviously there's going to be a lot of football discussed here, so I don't mind so-called "banter". Keep it civilised and you won't have any problem from me.