Sunday, 6 July 2014

Putting the Death back into Death Metal

I've always wanted to know what putting a death metal band inside
a soundproof box during the middle of summer would look like.
(Pic :

It looks like we have a winner for "Idea of the Year".

"Brutal" death metal band, Unfathomable Ruination, are taking part in an art piece in London whereby they play in a soundproof, airtight metal box until they pass out. Three times a week. Until August.

The difference between death metal and brutal death metal seems to be that "brutal death metal" is normal death metal where they put sound cuttings from horror films before each song, and the vocals sound like the recordings of inside someone's stomach after they haven't eaten for three days.

I have absolutely no idea what artistic merit this has. I don't know if it's some statement on the visibility yet simultaneous invisibility of extreme forms of music and art Рlike some Schr̦dinger's cat experiment. Is a performance still a performance if nobody can see or hear it?

Or, perhaps they're just asking the questions - and they're questions I often ask myself – "How can I make this more brutal?" "How can I needlessly endanger my life today?"

The most likely explanation though is that this doesn't have any wanky pretentious overtones. Some people just want to see some other people with funny beards and black t shirts climb inside a steel box in the heat of the summer; slowly baking in a self-powered oven to songs with titles like Extinction Algorithm in Procession.

It's probably most people's preferred way of experiencing brutal death metal. After all, most heavy metal has always been an auditory collision between art and stupidity.

Not only is this
something straight out of Metalocalypse, but I'd imagine the inside of that box smells like sweat, farts, brain damage and steel.


I don't think there's any other form of music where performers and fans alike are actively encouraged to harm themselves "for the cause". That's why heavy metal is both simultaneously the greatest and worst genre of music around.

Why not take it to the next level :

The Generalissimo : Push everything – band, instruments, stacks – out of the back of a Lockheed Hercules at 30,000 ft. Band members will have to complete a song before hitting the ground, but the first person who uses their parachute is a confirmed poseur.

Metallurgical Analysis : Where better to become one with steel than inside a working blast furnace. Are there truly brothers of metal? Will Manowar be willing to die for metal – literally? Of course, as typical for most washed up metal bands, there'll still be a slag heap afterwards.

Metal on Metal : We've all be warned not to play on railways, but I'm sure everyone will agree that goregrind's one true spiritual home lies spread underneath the 1 o'clock to Paddington at 100mph. It would make an awesome album cover.